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Surprise Party:

  • Almost Doesn't Count
  • Crashing Down
  • Fairground
  • Opposite Reaction
  • Say Hello To Goodbye
  • The Last Ten Seconds
  • Need To Bleed
  • Faith
  • Catchin’ On Fire
  • One Of Ours
  • You Don’t Know It
  • Sleep Of The Wicked
  • The Party’s Over
  • Cymbals At Dawn:

  • Madalynn
  • Girl On The Side Of The Road
  • Vintage Tweed
  • Don't Count Me Out
  • Not Even You
  • My Crowning Achievement
  • Over The Edge
  • What A Drag
  • Don't Send A Girl
  • Never
  • Deadly Serious
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    Surprise Party on iTunes!
    Cymbals At Dawn on iTunes!

    Cymbals At Dawn Buzz:

    "At last the debut solo album from the Jersey Shore's best kept secret.  Bob Burger's the guy other songwriters go to for help, and on 'Cymbals At Dawn' he lives up to his legendary reputation.  This is a potent collection of songs from a rock-solid musician. This just might be my favorite album of the year." -- Glen Burtnik, Styx

    "[Cymbals At Dawn] is one of those CD's I put in my CD player as soon as possible and haven't taken out yet!" -- Hugh McDonald, bassist Jon Bon Jovi

    "Bob and I go back a long way, and if anybody can get it done as far as singing and songwriting goes, he can.  Listen to this record!"  -- Bobby Bandiera, Asbury Jukes